USAG Designated Local Girls Meet
Levels 2-10/Xcel
All Levels Sanctioned and Judged
According to USAG Rules and Policies
Age Groups:
Per Rules and Policies of Designated Local Meet
Individual Awards:
Individual Medals for 50% of Age Groups
L2-3 100% for AA and individual event ribbons
Team Awards:
Trophies for 50% of Teams
Traditional/Capital Cup
(dependent on number of gymnasts)
AAI and Spieth Bars, Nissen Beams,
Palmer Spring Floor, and AAI Vault
Entry Fees:
Team Fees: $25 per Level
Individual Fees:
L2-$60.00, L3-5/Xcel-$70.00, L6-10-$80.00


For more details, see our flyer:  time-to-shine-2017